HomeGoods – The Oversized Edition

It’s time for another round of virtual HomeGoods shopping!!  Since I have instituted a “no-spend” September, I told myself I was not going to buy ANYTHING when I went into HomeGoods.  I stayed true to my promise and left empty handed, but saw lots of eye-candy that I wanted to bring home!!

As soon as I walked in I saw this beauty………


The soft gray color and the nailhead trim made me wish I had a place to put this in my house.

And right next to it was this settee…..


This was by far my fave.  The linen fabric, nailhead trim, tufting, and the whitewashed legs. It was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to sit on it and never get up!


Ummm…are you seeing a trend?  Lots of linen, tufting, and nail-head trim to be found.  This chair would make an amazing office chair or even dining chairs.

There was lots of amazing glassware to be found.  HomeGoods never disappoints in that department.

HomeGoods Glassware

Those mercury glasses above were $9.99. But if you have some old glass sitting around you can follow my tutorial here and make your own!!!  I loved the glass lantern with the leather strap. It was different than the normal glass vase and gave it some additional interest.  The vase wrapped with jute it also an easy DIY.  Any glass vase you have can be made into something with some glue and a roll of jute. I actually have a vase I DIY’d and never blogged about.  And this big giant beauty was only $9. I had trouble walking away from that awesome deal!

These two mirrors were awesome.

HG Mirrors

I am loving industrial touches lately and this first mirror made my heart pitter patter. This second mirror isn’t my normal style but I could see the individual blocks painted a variety of colors, or different stain colors.  That would give it some spice.

I also loved this mirror. It seemed vintage to me and in the right room could really pop as a focal point.


Sticking with the industrial theme, I saw these few things……


This chest was HUGE.  Almost 4 feet long. I absolutely loved the roughness of it, the metal edges and the glass fronts.  The lamps were also a nice industrial touch. I wished I had a room to put both of these items in!


This metal cabinet also was a nice, manly, industrial cabinet. It was thin metal, but for the price it could work in a nice, organized storage room, in a husband/wife office, etc.

And by far my favorite industrial item was this bench….


I love benches at the foot of a bed, but this one was on industrial wheels. It was ingenious.  I loved it.

Now, you may have noticed this post was titled the oversized edition. As I was making my way around the store, I was noticing that 80% of the items in the store were HUGE. Not just furniture, carpets, mirrors, etc. But accessories and decor pieces were huge too! All 5 foot 4 of me was starting to feel shrunken in this place!! And I realized 99% of the things I saw would never fit in my teensy house!!

Oversized Items

These pictures in no way do these items justice. They were all huge! That top picture was an aisle of huge items!!

I love terrariums and have it on my list to make one. I would love a container like this….


Again, it was HUGE and wouldn’t even remotely fit anywhere in my house!!!

And what’s a trip to HomeGoods without a giant knight in shining armor?


I want to know who buys these?!?!

Not everything in the store was huge……


As you saw in my High Five for Friday, I fell in love with this little guy for $5.99. I patted him on the head and walked away. It is no-spend September after all!

Have you had any good finds at HomeGoods lately? Share!!!