Adding a Little Spice in the Bathroom

I’m back!! Technical difficulties (= no batteries for my computer mouse and me forgetting for 2 days to get some) have led to an unintentional hiatus!!

As I mentioned before, I love helping other people fix up their houses. Spending their money and having additional spaces to let my design juices run free = AWESOME!!

My fella has finally gotten on board allowing me to “help” spruce up his house!  I am usually at his house 3 days a week. Being a female, I come with a LOT of stuff. Especially bathroom items.  Currently at his house, his daughter’s bathroom is under renovation so she is sharing his bathroom, the same I use. Three people in this bathroom means a LOT of stuff.


(Now, I will confess that in the picture above, 75% of that stuff is mine…..but still). His builder-grade bathroom has a large mirror and no medicine cabinet. The only option is to leave essentials out on the counter or put them below the sink. And seriously, who wants to have to bend over daily to get essentials for getting ready?!?! NOT ME!!!!

I had seen these Bekvam spice racks in the kitchen storage section of IKEA……

Bekvam Spice Rack

and knew they would be PERFECT to help corral some of this bathroom chaos!  And at $3.99 a piece… on!

I built these two puppies in less than 10 minutes, gave them a coat of primer and spray painted them satin white.  A day or two to cure, and they were ready to hang!


Probably one of the quickest, easiest organization projects of all time!!!


SO much better!! See that organization? (And all that room for my stuff on the counter???)

You may remember I bought 2 racks. Well, we placed them up and realized only one was needed, so there is one left to use to “spice-“up somewhere else around the house!

Hey, its a win win for everyone!!! I also hung up that $4 mirror from IKEA too!  A girl’s gotta pluck her eyebrows and be able to see to apply her makeup even when she’s away from home am I right?!?!

So for $12, there is some definite “spice” and organization going on in this space! Next up, I think he needs some paint, some crisp white outlet and light switch covers, and an updated light fixture…….all in the name of helping those I care about!!


High Five for Friday!!!

Hey Hey!!! Happy Friday!! I have been majorly slacking in finishing several outstanding projects, hence a lack of posts this week! I have an agenda to complete this weekend so hopefully I have some new things for you next week!

This week was slow, so I only rounded it out with a high four! Here goes!


1. I did a little new purse shopping last weekend and took my fella along. I saw this Coach trench and fell in love. I have always wanted a trench but never found one that fit just perfect! I made the mistake of trying this on and it was UH-MAZING. I fell in love! I didn’t want to spend the money on this since I was getting a new purse so my “oh so sweet” fella bought me the trench as an early birthday present. Funnily enough, my birthday isn’t until January! Maybe he will forget about this and buy me something else! HOPEFUL!!

2. Last weekend I got together with two of my college roommates for a catch-up lunch. We had lunch on the river in our state’s capital city. It was a gorgeous day with lots of laughs, catching up, and celebrating D’s pregnancy announcement!!! Congrats!!

3. Speaking of gorgeous weather, I went for a long run last weekend and it was amazingly beautiful out. I snapped this picture while running. It’s like a hole into heaven! I love it!

4. And last but not least, I love this time of year for several reasons, one of which is Franken Berry cereal! Since I have been little, this is one of my all time faves!! I stock up on a few boxes since I can only get it one time a year! Yumm!

Any good plans for the weekend? I have some projects up on the schedule and some other odds and ends!!

Hope you have a fab weekend! Linking up with Lauren!

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High Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday after a short week!!!  Can I get an AMEN that all weeks should be 4 days weeks?!? I’m just so much more productive when I have less time at work!

Anyway! Here’s my 5 for the week!!

High Five for Friday

1.  This Boom Chicka Pop popcorn is UH-MAZING!! I am not a fan of regular buttered popcorn although I know generally popcorn is a healthier snack option. I heard about this stuff and decided to give it a try. It has a slight hint of sweet to it and its FAB. You can eat 3 1/2 cups and its only 90 calories or something ridiculous! Yum!

2.  I haven’t spent much time pool/beach-side this year and was hoping over the last weekend of summer to get some sun time. I spent a few hours at the pool last weekend. It was wonderful and sunny and good for a tan!

3.  Over the holiday weekend we decided to go to a local park for some outside time in the gorgeous weather….which led to some grown-up swinging. Swinging is fun at any age!

4.   Ummm….tell me how amazing these cupcakes look!  A new cupcake shop opened near my work today and despite my diet better judgement, I decided to stop in and get some……of course they are a gift for my fella…..and I just may have to taste test each one to make sure they aren’t poisonous or anything for him!!! (Verdict so far……….UHHHHH-MAZING!! It made me work harder at the gym tonight!)

5.  So, true story. I have hated football all my life. I was the girl in the band (BAND NERD) whose best friend LOVED football and didn’t gossip talk to her most of the Friday night football games because she was actually watching the game!  Now that I’m dating a fella who LOVES football, I decided to give it a try. Shockingly, I actually like it. It’s pretty exciting and fun to get caught up in all of the hype. My fella is a NY Giants fan and their first regular season game is this Sunday. Excited for football Sunday (and Pizza!!!)

Hope you had a fab week and an even more fab weekend coming up!

Linking up with Lauren!  Happy Friday!!!

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A Little Bit Old School

This little update couldn’t have been any faster, easier or cheaper (well I guess anything can always be cheaper, but this one definitely didn’t break the bank!)

Since moving in last July, I have been living with this in my upstairs hallway……..


Yup!  A bare light bulb.  (And leftover curtain hardware on the windows from the previous owners – but that’s another story for another day!)

As soon as I moved in, I took down this ravishing beauty……

Old Light

I just couldn’t do it. The “boob” light shape, the decorative finial type thing and the crackled glass. I didn’t know what I would put up at the time, it just had to come down.

I had some ideas, just like I do for every room in the house, including these……..(all images from Shades of Light)







I love each and every one of these……even dream about that pentagon light at the bottom…..but I am not going to be in this house forever, and I would rather spend the majority of my money on bigger impact updates, and ones more people will see!

My house was built in the 1940’s and you saw the vintage hexagon bathroom tiles here (which can’t be salvaged).  I would love to make a ton of updates to the whole house, but want to keep a little bit of the fun, vintage aspect to it.

I have seen vintage schoolhouse lights around places including Lowes, Home Depot and even at the ultra spendy, but gorgeous, Shades of Light.

I went to Home Depot and picked up this school house lamp cover for $5.95. No changing of the light fixture, no wiring, no spray painting the existing fixture another color. Just a simple, screw-in-three-screws-and-done, update.

Schoolhouse Light 1

I love it!! Such a fun, quick update!

Schoolhouse Light 2

Why, yes, that’s my unmade bed in the background.  I didn’t realize it until well after I was done taking pictures and then I lost my natural light. Just keeping it real! And seriously, I know I’m not the only person out there who doesn’t make their bed everyday!!!!  At least I don’t have clothes all over the floor…..that you can see!!

Schoolhouse Light 3

What do you think? Helping to keep some of the vintage feel of the house? Well worth the $5.95 and 10% effort?!?!  I think so!

High Five for Friday!!

Hey Hey!! It’s Friday!!! And a holiday weekend! Woot! I took off work yesterday so I have to work today. That’s okay. At least there is a 3 day weekend ahead!

Let’s get to it!


1.  Last Sunday I went to a Lancaster Barnstormers game (a local baseball team).  True story. I was picked by the crazy game guy to play a game where they had three items from the Barnstormers merchandise store. I had to price the three items within $20 to win. Not only did I win this same game two months ago when I was at a game, I won this time with a guess that was spot on $62!! Woot! I totally blame my shopping addiction for my ability to dominate this game! And I scored some flip flops, a travel mug and a shirt!!

2.  My 16 year-old self was totally geeking out this week when I saw the short-lived *NSync reunion on the VMA’s!  Seriously, they need to get back together. That was high quality music people!!  I saw them in high school with third row seats with my BFF.  Not only did I see them, but P-Diddy opened for them. Concert of the millennium! HAHA!

3.  As if you didn’t already know, Labor Day is Monday and work is officially closed! HOORAY! I don’t have any plans other than sleeping in and some house projects. I guess that’s not “laboring”, although I would rather be sitting by a pool somewhere soaking up the last bit of summer!

4. Last weekend I got to go bridesmaids dress shopping for my BFF from high school’s wedding (same one I saw *NSync with!)  I am so happy for her and she is marrying an amazing guy. They are so cute and happy and I am totally honored to be part of her special day. And she let us pick whatever dresses we liked……….so awesome. I’m actually excited to wear the dress!

5.  Yesterday I took off work and went to Hershey Park with my fella. It was great to go, ride some crazy roller coasters and feel like a kid again (especially hitting up the log flume and Tilt A’Whirl). And the free chocolate at the end of the Chocolate World ride doesn’t hurt either! Yum!!

That’s my five. Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend? Any last minute beach going? Totally jealous if so!!!

As always I am linking up with Lauren!!!

Happy Weekend!!

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Silver & Gold – A little Rub’n Buff action

So, I have decided to do a complete makeover of my living room decor.  Everything I have in that room is from my old house, bought specifically for that house.  I used what I had to make it work when I came here, but it just isn’t giving me the warm fuzzies in this “new” house.  So I set out to make some changes for as little cash money as possible!

While I am putting the finishing touches on one of the bigger changes, I’ll share a small change I made that was literally an “under $10, only took 5 minutes” project!!

I was doing a little accessory browsing at TJ Maxx recently and I came across this awesome silver vase for $3.

Silver Vase

I loved its curvy pear shape and the detail of the bottom, but it was the wrong finish for my new living room scheme.

I remembered the amazing invention of this stuff……..


I have been wanting to try this stuff out for the longest time, but gold wasn’t an option in my house until my new design scheme was born.  So with $6 of Rub’n Buff and my $3 vase, I got to work.

I had read the best method was to apply the paint with your finger tip.  The instructions say to use a brush, finger tip or rag.


I put a pea-sized glob on my finger and rubbed it on the vase.  A little really goes a long way with this stuff.  Once I covered an area, I let it sit for a few seconds.  Then I took a clean rag and “buffed”, in a circular motion, over the area I just “rubbed” on with my finger.

RubnBuff 2

Some tips I learned quickly that I figured I would share……….

1.  Make sure each area of the item you are rubbing & buffing is fully covered with the paint. If there are any thin areas, the buffing will easily take some of the color off.

2.  Work sections at a time.  Allowing it to fully dry on each area makes the buffing a little tougher and doesn’t allow for a finish with some variation. So buff as you go rather than rubbing color on the whole thing first then buffing.

3.  The instructions say to use this in a well ventilated area…………follow the directions.  This stuff is pretty strong. I had the windows open in the dining room and the smell was around for a few hours after.

4.  When working with a vase like this, DON’T stick your finger in the top while working on the bottom portion if you don’t want it to get stuck.  I was stuck in this thing like a Chinese finger trap.  After a few minutes of mild panic where I contemplated smashing the vase to get it off (or driving to the ER with a vase stuck on my finger to save the $3 vase), I relaxed and wiggled my finger out!


5.  The instructions say to use soap and water or mineral spirits to clean your skin when finished.  I just used dish soap and water, and with a little scrubbing, the paint came off pretty easily.

This stuff dries very quickly and after about 5 minutes of rubbing & buffing, the vase was finished. It wasn’t tacky to the touch or anything.

Rub N Buff After 1

I left the finish on the bottom of the vase a little splotchy to give it a little more visual interest with just a SMIDGE of the silver poking through.

I love it!! And Rub’n Buff couldn’t be any easier to use!! I’m a fan! I have been thinking what else I can transform throughout the house! Silverware? Cups? Lamps? The whole house may be gold soon!!!

Rub N Buff After

Sneak Peek!!

Hello Hello!!! First up, I have to admit I have nothing new finished to share. HOWEVER, I feel like I have a million and one projects waiting for me, or that are in the very beginning stages……so there is plenty on the way!!!

But for now, here is a sneak peek of some of the things waiting in the wings!

First up, this baby came in the mail today. So excited to build it and add a personal touch……


This is the result of a weekend trip to Ikea….two projects waiting in the bag…….


A quick accessory addition that is totally out of my comfort zone…….


I have a date with some contact paper one night this week…..


There is some sewing in my future (which is a problem since I can’t even sew a button on a shirt………)


And I can’t wait to give this stuff a whirl……..


So……..that is what is waiting for some attention from me….along with some continued cork removal in the spare bedroom and cabinet staining…….no excuses to not get moving on all of this right?!?! Looks like I have a busy week and weekend ahead of me!!