HomeGoods – The Oversized Edition

It’s time for another round of virtual HomeGoods shopping!!  Since I have instituted a “no-spend” September, I told myself I was not going to buy ANYTHING when I went into HomeGoods.  I stayed true to my promise and left empty handed, but saw lots of eye-candy that I wanted to bring home!!

As soon as I walked in I saw this beauty………


The soft gray color and the nailhead trim made me wish I had a place to put this in my house.

And right next to it was this settee…..


This was by far my fave.  The linen fabric, nailhead trim, tufting, and the whitewashed legs. It was absolutely gorgeous. I wanted to sit on it and never get up!


Ummm…are you seeing a trend?  Lots of linen, tufting, and nail-head trim to be found.  This chair would make an amazing office chair or even dining chairs.

There was lots of amazing glassware to be found.  HomeGoods never disappoints in that department.

HomeGoods Glassware

Those mercury glasses above were $9.99. But if you have some old glass sitting around you can follow my tutorial here and make your own!!!  I loved the glass lantern with the leather strap. It was different than the normal glass vase and gave it some additional interest.  The vase wrapped with jute it also an easy DIY.  Any glass vase you have can be made into something with some glue and a roll of jute. I actually have a vase I DIY’d and never blogged about.  And this big giant beauty was only $9. I had trouble walking away from that awesome deal!

These two mirrors were awesome.

HG Mirrors

I am loving industrial touches lately and this first mirror made my heart pitter patter. This second mirror isn’t my normal style but I could see the individual blocks painted a variety of colors, or different stain colors.  That would give it some spice.

I also loved this mirror. It seemed vintage to me and in the right room could really pop as a focal point.


Sticking with the industrial theme, I saw these few things……


This chest was HUGE.  Almost 4 feet long. I absolutely loved the roughness of it, the metal edges and the glass fronts.  The lamps were also a nice industrial touch. I wished I had a room to put both of these items in!


This metal cabinet also was a nice, manly, industrial cabinet. It was thin metal, but for the price it could work in a nice, organized storage room, in a husband/wife office, etc.

And by far my favorite industrial item was this bench….


I love benches at the foot of a bed, but this one was on industrial wheels. It was ingenious.  I loved it.

Now, you may have noticed this post was titled the oversized edition. As I was making my way around the store, I was noticing that 80% of the items in the store were HUGE. Not just furniture, carpets, mirrors, etc. But accessories and decor pieces were huge too! All 5 foot 4 of me was starting to feel shrunken in this place!! And I realized 99% of the things I saw would never fit in my teensy house!!

Oversized Items

These pictures in no way do these items justice. They were all huge! That top picture was an aisle of huge items!!

I love terrariums and have it on my list to make one. I would love a container like this….


Again, it was HUGE and wouldn’t even remotely fit anywhere in my house!!!

And what’s a trip to HomeGoods without a giant knight in shining armor?


I want to know who buys these?!?!

Not everything in the store was huge……


As you saw in my High Five for Friday, I fell in love with this little guy for $5.99. I patted him on the head and walked away. It is no-spend September after all!

Have you had any good finds at HomeGoods lately? Share!!!


Ikea Crazy!

Hope you had a good weekend!! I had hoped to accomplish some blog-worthy projects this weekend, but sadly, a day at the pool Saturday and a lazy Sunday won out over being productive!  I DID however venture to Ikea with my mom to pick up a piece of furniture for an upcoming project. I’m super excited about it, but not motivated enough to built it yet!! Ha!

I did have a good time taking in the Ikea showroom eye-candy with my mom and taking some pictures to share with all of you!! And now, virtual Ikea shopping!! (These are all iPhone pics b/c I draw the line at taking my big camera into the store and looking like a crazy woman! So instead I covertly take phone pics when people finally move out of my way!)

My Ikea was working on building some new displays and the ones they have finished were pretty impressive.

They created a really cozy, romantic, girly bedroom that I just wanted to lay in all day….


That cozy duvet cover with the canopy and soft lighting…I’ll take it!

And not to mention that wall of fake succulents behind the bed… awesome is this?!?!

ikea 3

Ikea is putting some more “live-able” colors (not rainbow-hued colors, or things that everyday homes would have trouble incorporating) into its decor pieces. Like this adorable blue clock.

ikea 2

I loved the clock gallery, I just wish the clock had a less “yellow, old-school” face.

They also had this adorable blue serving tray….

ikea 4

That was part of the SUPER cozy living room….

ikea 5

I totally wanted to move in and live on that couch. And sweater blankets? My obsession.  Move me in!

These white kitchens had me swooning. Makes me itch to get on my kitchen reno! If only I had a money tree in the backyard right?!?!

ikea 6

ikea 7

ikea 8

Comfy seating areas were plentiful. This first one makes me want a movie room in my house with these cozy seats!

ikea 9

ikea 10

My mom loved all of the funky light fixtures they had including these….

ikea 11

ikea 13

There were some pretty great lighting options that weren’t so…..creative!!

ikea 14

These small mercury glass lights were adorable. I should have gotten one for $7 but I was being good!

ikea 15 ikea 16

And I totally brought home this little gem……

ikea 17

The perfect addition to my “girly” bedroom…..SIKE!!! Seriously though, if you own this, can you please send me a picture of the room it is in??

Like I said, I walked out with a piece of furniture for a future project, along with this $5 storage cube for my “seasonal” shoes…

ikea 18

Which was supposed to fit under my bed and doesn’t (so it lives in the closet).

And this GORGEOUS orchid for my house.  My house has needed some “life” other than me and this beauty is just the pop of life and color I needed!

ikea 19

ikea 20

Now hopefully I can keep it alive!!!

HomeGoods Happy

I work entirely too close to a HomeGoods….like 2 minutes away. I drive past it daily and go right by the door when I hit the gym……way too close and way too dangerous!

Not only do I have a HomeGoods near work, I also have a HomeGoods near my weekend “vacation home” (that’s what I call my fella’s house where I usually spend the weekends).  He lives 10 minutes from ANOTHER HomeGoods that I go right by every time I go to visit. That’s two different HomeGoods to spend way too much money on fabulous items!

Whenever I go into HomeGoods, I am guaranteed to come out with SOMETHING, even if it is only a shower curtain liner…..but normally I walk around dreaming of the 75+ other items I would buy if I had all the money in the world and a house big enough to hold everything.

So, in true HomeGoods addict fashion, I hit up both of “my” HomeGoods in one day to see what goodness they had in store (get it….in store?!?!?!)

Anyway!  I absolutely LOVE the glassware section of HomeGoods. And tall vases have always been a favorite of mine.  These vases would be awesome in a huge two story entryway in any color!


I absolutely love this wooden bowl.  I think it would look amazing on a long, kitchen island in a gorgeous, white-with-dark-wood-accents kitchen. I just noticed that vintage Coke tin next to it. That’s pretty cool too!


Paint dipped baskets are super popular right now all over blog-land and Pinterest.  This one was super cute and would be cute in a kids bedroom to hold toys or in a living room for extra  storage.


I loved this white-washed storage box with the Moroccan inspired stamp, however, they were a little pricey for me. The biggest was $34 I think.  This could easily be recreated with a cheap wooden crate from Michaels, some white paint and then a simple stamp in a fun color.


I am a total sucker for heavy, cozy blankets. I would buy every warm blanket I saw if it was feasible.  This white throw looks a little crazy in the picture but in person it was really heavy and cozy, but seemed light enough for summer weather. I patted it lovingly and walked right on by!


The mirror section at HomeGoods is always one of my favorites because they always have HUGE, gorgeous mirrors… this one on clearance for $149.  The architectural elements are awesome! I would have took that home immediately if there was even REMOTELY a place to put it in my tiny house!


There was also this HUGE gold quatrefoil mirror. I think this one was only $149 as well.  The picture doesn’t really show it, but this joker was HUGE! It was as tall as I am.  It would look amazing in a huge, two story family room over a fireplace, or up a grand staircase. SIGH…..someday!


Now, unlike the clearance mirrors, I never really find much in the furniture section. I think the stuff is way overpriced and nothing really ever catches my eye; however, the day I was there, this chair looked so cozy and rustic to me.  It would be great on an enclosed porch or in a sunroom.  But again, I think it was over $300!  And this curved bench was gorgeous, but $249!

IMG_2218 IMG_2236

I totally fell in love with this light but I went in to this shopping adventure telling myself I was going to be good – for my wallet’s sake!  I loved that when the light was off, you couldn’t see the lightbulb so it just looks like an awesome white ceramic vase. I totally am still crushing on this light for my living room. I think it was only $19.99!


The art section at Homegoods is usually hit or miss for me – more often a miss.  There was, however, lots of inspirational wisdowm floating around this day. I felt like HomeGoods was a self-help book!  My favorite, Fake it Til You Make it!  

HG Aart

As you can see above with those journals, the stationary aisle is usually a treasure trove of things I want but never really need, like lots of thank you cards, blank note cards, etc. Makes me want to get back to handwriting notes and mailing them to people rather than email and text messages! But the journals they have are great. I wish I could buy one for every day of the year there were so many to pick from. Like these gold beauties…..

HG Books

I may or may not have bought the gold polka dot notebook (it was only $3.99!!!!!)

Wow, this is getting long, but there was so much goodness at these two spots! Just a few more……you hanging in there?

Storage of any kind makes my heart beat faster! Its a sickness. Organizing other people’s messes especially! These boxes were so unique. They were made out of recycled rice and coffee sacks, so each box is different.  There were all different sizes to really fit any storage need. They smelled a little funny due to the material.  Luckily you can’t smell that through the computer screen!

HG Boxes

Okay, industrial, rustic pieces seemed to be very common at HG this time around. All of these pieces were great……

IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2231 IMG_2228 IMG_2227IMG_2220

One of these things above came home with me…….and I really wish it were the two Asian statues to stand guard by my front door. But instead it was the $9.99 metal magazine rack. SO CUTE!  If I lived in a cottag-y house with more room, i would hang those gardening pitch forks on the wall (they are actually meant for gardening, not decor) along with that circular shelf.

And last but not least were these pretty pillows. I totally wish this was my living room color scheme and not my future bathroom scheme. I thought long and hard for a way to use these pillows in the new bathroom! But sadly I just patted them and walked on by.


Whew! That was quite a trip huh? Hope you enjoyed virtual shopping with me. The next time I do this, my goal is to spend $0……likely to happen? Probably not!  Tell me in the comments what was your favorite thing you wouldn’t have been able to pass up buying?!?!