High Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday friends!!!

Here’s my five, well four, for the week!!!

1.  Last Friday night I went to a football game at my alma mater.  My niece’s high school was playing my high school.  I went to go see her freshman-year band performance.  14 years after she came to see me at my first home football game, in a baby carrier!  Such a proud aunt!! And my big sister (her mom) marched on that field 13 years even before that!!  Family of band nerds!!!! And proud of it!

2.  I have been wanting to bake  a yummy fall treat, but most of the recipes out there go against my trying to eat healthy.  I made these pumpkin spice cookies for my fella last weekend.  Not only were they DELISH but they are also pretty good for you!! I will be posting the recipe next week!

3.  I have had a bunch of games stored away and dug them out recently.  We played a round of Jenga last weekend. Seriously, that game is so much fun. But stressful! Happy to say I didn’t lose!!!

4.  My DIY spirit continued this week around my house. I have swapped out electrical outlets before and figured this one would be the same.  After several failed attempts and face-timing with a friend who is an electrician, I managed to cause sparks, blow the house’s circuit breaker, and burn up the outlet! Whoops!! Luckily no one was harmed and no houses were burned to the ground. And the outlet has been successfully installed!!

Overall a successful week!! What are you up to this weekend?!?

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Happy Friday!!!

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High Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I had a busy week of normal everyday stuff, but I only have 4 things to share this week.

H5FF 9-26

1.  I have been working with my trainer still, eating healthy and trying to lose some lbs.  I was researching what were good “after workout” snacks to not ruin my workout but build back up my muscles and energy.  I have seen so many places that chocolate milk is a great after workout snack.  I asked my trainers to be sure I wasn’t sabotaging myself and they said go for it. I haven’t had chocolate milk in YEARS, but it is absolutely amazing!!!  Anyone else out there drink chocolate milk on the regular??

2.  I have another app I love (this is almost like a regular segment – Favorite apps by Tiffany!).   MyFitnessPal is an awesome app!  It is a calorie tracker where you can input your weight, where you want to be, and some other factors and it calculates how many calories you should be eating each day. As the day goes on, you can input what you’ve eaten and your workout details and it keeps track of your daily progress.  This app is awesome because it has practically everything (including the 1/2 Panera sandwich I had a work lunch this week) in the app.  AND if you don’t feel like searching,  you can scan the barcode of what you’re eating and all the details pull up. AWESOME!! Oh, and it’s free!

3.  I have been skiing since I was in middle school and have always dreamed of going somewhere “real” to ski. Not just the various places around Pennsylvania.  This week my fella and I booked an upcoming ski trip out west to Colorado!!! I can’t wait!! I have a countdown ready and going! Hopefully I survive the descent down the mountain!! (Picture source)

4.  In addition to skiing, we are going camping in a few weeks.  Some background….I am a girl scout drop out. I was forced to go camping when I was younger, camped in the snow, and refused to go again so I quit!   Last October was the first time I had gone camping since I was a kid and have gone twice since!  I haven’t had my own sleeping bag and froze the last time we went so I had to invest in this awesome bag!!  I got it out of the box this week and it is so warm and cozy and comfy, I want to lay in it on the couch at night when I watch tv. Hey, I live alone –  I can do these things!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

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High Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday after a short week!!!  Can I get an AMEN that all weeks should be 4 days weeks?!? I’m just so much more productive when I have less time at work!

Anyway! Here’s my 5 for the week!!

High Five for Friday

1.  This Boom Chicka Pop popcorn is UH-MAZING!! I am not a fan of regular buttered popcorn although I know generally popcorn is a healthier snack option. I heard about this stuff and decided to give it a try. It has a slight hint of sweet to it and its FAB. You can eat 3 1/2 cups and its only 90 calories or something ridiculous! Yum!

2.  I haven’t spent much time pool/beach-side this year and was hoping over the last weekend of summer to get some sun time. I spent a few hours at the pool last weekend. It was wonderful and sunny and good for a tan!

3.  Over the holiday weekend we decided to go to a local park for some outside time in the gorgeous weather….which led to some grown-up swinging. Swinging is fun at any age!

4.   Ummm….tell me how amazing these cupcakes look!  A new cupcake shop opened near my work today and despite my diet better judgement, I decided to stop in and get some……of course they are a gift for my fella…..and I just may have to taste test each one to make sure they aren’t poisonous or anything for him!!! (Verdict so far……….UHHHHH-MAZING!! It made me work harder at the gym tonight!)

5.  So, true story. I have hated football all my life. I was the girl in the band (BAND NERD) whose best friend LOVED football and didn’t gossip talk to her most of the Friday night football games because she was actually watching the game!  Now that I’m dating a fella who LOVES football, I decided to give it a try. Shockingly, I actually like it. It’s pretty exciting and fun to get caught up in all of the hype. My fella is a NY Giants fan and their first regular season game is this Sunday. Excited for football Sunday (and Pizza!!!)

Hope you had a fab week and an even more fab weekend coming up!

Linking up with Lauren!  Happy Friday!!!

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High Five for Friday!!

Hey Hey!! It’s Friday!!! And a holiday weekend! Woot! I took off work yesterday so I have to work today. That’s okay. At least there is a 3 day weekend ahead!

Let’s get to it!


1.  Last Sunday I went to a Lancaster Barnstormers game (a local baseball team).  True story. I was picked by the crazy game guy to play a game where they had three items from the Barnstormers merchandise store. I had to price the three items within $20 to win. Not only did I win this same game two months ago when I was at a game, I won this time with a guess that was spot on $62!! Woot! I totally blame my shopping addiction for my ability to dominate this game! And I scored some flip flops, a travel mug and a shirt!!

2.  My 16 year-old self was totally geeking out this week when I saw the short-lived *NSync reunion on the VMA’s!  Seriously, they need to get back together. That was high quality music people!!  I saw them in high school with third row seats with my BFF.  Not only did I see them, but P-Diddy opened for them. Concert of the millennium! HAHA!

3.  As if you didn’t already know, Labor Day is Monday and work is officially closed! HOORAY! I don’t have any plans other than sleeping in and some house projects. I guess that’s not “laboring”, although I would rather be sitting by a pool somewhere soaking up the last bit of summer!

4. Last weekend I got to go bridesmaids dress shopping for my BFF from high school’s wedding (same one I saw *NSync with!)  I am so happy for her and she is marrying an amazing guy. They are so cute and happy and I am totally honored to be part of her special day. And she let us pick whatever dresses we liked……….so awesome. I’m actually excited to wear the dress!

5.  Yesterday I took off work and went to Hershey Park with my fella. It was great to go, ride some crazy roller coasters and feel like a kid again (especially hitting up the log flume and Tilt A’Whirl). And the free chocolate at the end of the Chocolate World ride doesn’t hurt either! Yum!!

That’s my five. Do you have any plans for the holiday weekend? Any last minute beach going? Totally jealous if so!!!

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Happy Weekend!!

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High Five for Friday (sort of)!!

Hey hey!! It has been two weeks since my last post.  I was away last week on vacation and somehow needed a week to recuperate/do laundry/get back into work/the gym, etc. House projects have totally taken a back seat, hence no posts!!  I definitely need to get myself moving this weekend!

Rather than my normal High Five for Friday post, I am going to do a High Five for Vacation post and share my whirlwind week of vacation with my fella and his daughter.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of this adventure already.

First stop, Philadelphia……we went to the Philadelphia Zoo and Dave & Busters (restaurant and huge arcade) on the first day….


I haven’t been to the zoo in years. I loved it!! The giraffes were awesome. I just love them (although the whole time I thought about what an awesome pattern their coat would make for a jacket – faux of course!!!) The flamingos were pretty busy, but the polar bears and gorillas were not.  Check out that guy sleeping with his leg up on the wall! Hilarious!! We spent a good half hour watching two monkeys fight while a giant orangutan just watched in disgust.  Definitely my favorite part of the zoo.

We were staying overnight in Philly so that night we decided to trek down to historic Philadelphia and took in the Liberty Bell (from outside – after hours) and Independence Hall.


Yes, that really is my fella’s giant nose and glasses. KIDDING!!! I just choose to not put him up here on blast!

Living right outside of Philly all my life, I have never had an authentic Philadelphia cheese steak.  So for dinner we decided to split one from the infamous Pat’s Steaks. We couldn’t decide between Pat’s or Gino’s but the longer line outside of Pat’s sold us.  It was definitely yummy!


The next day we went to the Franklin Institute (I haven’t been there in years either, but I definitely remember sleeping over for school one time!) and the Camden Aquarium.  IMG_2758

There was some sting ray feeding from the other two in my group but there was no way I was putting a headless fish in the water for those things to eat out of my hand. I just took pictures!!

The next day was an “off” day, but that night I went to my first Phillies game of the season with my mom. I got free tickets and haven’t been to a game yet this year so I had to do it! It was the first time I have gone to a game that they won!!!


I didn’t realize I took that first picture when a Cubs player was on the screen. Whoops! And I totally love the Phanatic.  He is hilarious.  If I ever find myself out of a job, I’m applying to be the Phanatic.  Fun job!!

The next day we were off to the beach for 3 days.  That is my perfect vacation!! I could spend a lifetime relaxing on the beach listening to the waves and sunning!!


We did some sundown seashell searching, ferris wheel riding and walking on the boardwalk.  The weather was decent on day 2 and our 3 days flew by.

Next we were off to northern New Jersey to my fella’s sister’s house.  We took in a Yankees game – since he is a Yankees fan.


Me? Not so much.  He made me wear this shirt after I threatened to wear a Phillies shirt to the game! At least I paid my respects to my home team earlier in the week!

The next day we hit up the NJ State Fair in my fella’s hometown.  That was quite an experience!!!  First up, the animals…..


There were pig races, a petting zoo, hilarious chickens with mohawks, pigs, and sheep wearing t-shirts.  I just kept walking around saying “look at that one!!!”  This city girl didn’t grow up around animals and my fella just laughed at me the whole time.

Then there was deliciously horrible food to be eaten and interesting sights to be seen……….


I devoured that corn dog (yes I realize the irony when there were plenty of live pigs to be seen at the fair!) and that funnel cake. I taste tested my fellas sausage and pepper sandwich just to make sure it was okay!!!!   I definitely needed to hit the gym hard when I came back home this week.  But it was delicious!

You could also pay $1 to get into see Spidora the living spider woman (she talks to you!) and the headless woman! It took all self-control to not shell out the $2 to see these wonders of the world! HA!

And then there is this wonder of the world………


While waiting for the kids on the rides we posed in our bathing suits and got this gem taken.  Hilarious!!!!

Overall it was a good vacation. Lots of time in the car traveling from here to there, but it was fun!!

I’ll be back next week with some house related stuff (hopefully!!)

Happy Weekend!!!!

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High Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday!! Here’s my 5 highlights of the week! (No wasting time this week!!!)

H5FF 7:26

1.  When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, my fella paid for me to get a manicure at the Bellagio (isn’t he sweet?!?)  I opted for a French manicure and the woman used Essie polish (I was shocked!!) When I came home I vowed to re-create it with my own Essie polish.  For my first try, not too shabby!! Now I can get at least 50 manicures for $14 total!! Instead of 1 manicure for close to $50!! WOOT!

2.  Last weekend I went shopping at Ikea (see here) with my mom.  She got me this gorgeous orchid for my house and so far, 5 days later, it seems to still be vibrant and alive!! I haven’t killed it yet!!

3.  Say what you might, I was pretty darn excited for Kate to have the royal baby this week.  True story, when I was in middle school, my life’s mission was to marry Prince William and be queen someday. I had books about him……total stalker style.  Well, that plan obviously didn’t work because Kate is totally living in my spot!! But just like I watched their wedding, I was totally excited for her to birth the tiny prince or princess. I was pulling for her to have a girl because can you IMAGINE the adorable way she would dress her?!?!

4.  My fella and I started a subscription to Netflix a few months ago (with every intention of splitting the cost!! Note: I sort of avoided ever paying!! HA!).  We did a one month free subscription so we could watch Breaking Bad.  After that I sort of gave up on it, but this week we started watching The Walking Dead together (too scary for me to watch on my own – this girl is a chicken!) and I started watching Orange is the New Black! Let me tell you, this show is AWESOME!! It’s a Netflix exclusive and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should.  I should be done the first season in 2-3 days. Yes, that’s a lot of watching! But Netflix totally feeds binge TV watching tendencies!

5.    HGTV Design Star wrapped up last Sunday and I was super excited to see who would win. I was totally pulling for Tiffany to win.  Her design style was more my taste and her personality is awesome.  She beat out the other two finalists and will soon have her own shown on HGTV.  Her personality will be perfect for TV and I can’t wait to watch her own show! And with a name like Tiffany she has to be fabulous!!! This is one of her rooms in her design portfolio.  I am not in love with the purple but together it all looks amazing. Swap out the purple for navy blue and she can put this room in my house any day!!

Well now……my high fives were awfully TV centered this week! I swear I do more than watch tv!!!

What plans do you guys have for the weekend? Do share!!

As always, linking up with Lauren!!!


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High Five for Friday!!!

Woot! It’s Friday. Hot, 94 degree but feels like 104 degree Friday!! It has been sweltering here in PA this week. But that doesn’t stop me from having some highlights of the week!! Here goes….


1.  I had a work picnic last Saturday and couldn’t show up empty handed, so I had to make something. Well, I have had a disastrous track record at both cooking & baking lately so my fella made cookies for me/us to take. A, they are delicious. B, they weren’t burned or undercooked because I didn’t make them! He’s awesome! And no I’m not ashamed that my fella can cook & bake better than I can, because I can change electrical outlets and build furniture!!

2.  I finally put up some shelves in my living room and personalized my space a little more since moving in a year ago.  They make me happy and the space so much more “homey.”  See that post here.

3.  It is the middle of July and I am pale. White. Like Casper.  Normally, by this time, I have at least gone to the beach once or twice and have been outside. This year, summer is escaping me and I have no tan. I planned to hit up the community pool in my fella’s town this Saturday to finally get some outdoor color, but alas, it is supposed to storm. Chance of rain, 70%. At least I won’t be sweating outside right?!?

4.  I got my iPhone 5 in February and since then I have been on the hunt for the perfect case. It’s sort of a sickness.  Since I got it, I have been using a spare case from my fella. Recently, I saw J Crew outlet was having a clearance sale and saw this pretty little case for $5. I snapped that baby up. It came in the mail this week and I like it! Do I love it? No. Will I probably still be looking for THE case? Definitely. But for $5 this one ain’t bad!

5.  There are so many great blog conferences out there that I would love to attend including the Texas Style Council conference in August, the Alt Summit in NYC in June, and Haven Conference also in August.  I missed out on them this year but can hopefully make one next year.  Alt Summit also provides online seminars throughout the year for people who can’t travel to the in-person sessions.  I took an online conference for $15 on Thursday night on using photography on your blog.  It was a good one hour information session, and worth the $15. I could even watch it on my couch on my iPad.  The schedule of upcoming classes can be found here.

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell!! Hope everyone is staying cool and had a fab week and an even better weekend!!! 

Happy Weekend!

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