me out

Hello hello!!! My name is Tiffany and I’m super excited you stopped by!  I have been blogging since 2011, but only since June 2013 here at The Landing Pad.  You can find my old blog here.  I started The Landing Pad as a new space for me to share my continued adventures in home decor, remodeling, and my ultimate love of projects.

Starting out again on my own has definitely been a challenge but also an adventure I am thrilled to have been placed on!  Taking more time for myself – finding myself – has opened my eyes to other things I love including baking (cooking not so much), hair & makeup styles, fashion, etc.  Not only will The Landing Pad be my place to share all of my home adventures, but it will be a place for my life adventures as well. I hope you love it and decide to stick around on this adventure with me!!

What you can expect:

My goal is to have new posts 3 days a week and my schedule seems to be Monday, Wednesday & Friday.   Sometimes I fall off schedule or have another random post thrown in the mix!  Be sure to stop by often to see what is new! Or, just subscribe over on the right to receive updates through email when new posts are up!


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