High Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday friends!!!

Here’s my five, well four, for the week!!!

1.  Last Friday night I went to a football game at my alma mater.  My niece’s high school was playing my high school.  I went to go see her freshman-year band performance.  14 years after she came to see me at my first home football game, in a baby carrier!  Such a proud aunt!! And my big sister (her mom) marched on that field 13 years even before that!!  Family of band nerds!!!! And proud of it!

2.  I have been wanting to bake  a yummy fall treat, but most of the recipes out there go against my trying to eat healthy.  I made these pumpkin spice cookies for my fella last weekend.  Not only were they DELISH but they are also pretty good for you!! I will be posting the recipe next week!

3.  I have had a bunch of games stored away and dug them out recently.  We played a round of Jenga last weekend. Seriously, that game is so much fun. But stressful! Happy to say I didn’t lose!!!

4.  My DIY spirit continued this week around my house. I have swapped out electrical outlets before and figured this one would be the same.  After several failed attempts and face-timing with a friend who is an electrician, I managed to cause sparks, blow the house’s circuit breaker, and burn up the outlet! Whoops!! Luckily no one was harmed and no houses were burned to the ground. And the outlet has been successfully installed!!

Overall a successful week!! What are you up to this weekend?!?

As always, linking up with Lauren!

Happy Friday!!!

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