High Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I had a busy week of normal everyday stuff, but I only have 4 things to share this week.

H5FF 9-26

1.  I have been working with my trainer still, eating healthy and trying to lose some lbs.  I was researching what were good “after workout” snacks to not ruin my workout but build back up my muscles and energy.  I have seen so many places that chocolate milk is a great after workout snack.  I asked my trainers to be sure I wasn’t sabotaging myself and they said go for it. I haven’t had chocolate milk in YEARS, but it is absolutely amazing!!!  Anyone else out there drink chocolate milk on the regular??

2.  I have another app I love (this is almost like a regular segment – Favorite apps by Tiffany!).   MyFitnessPal is an awesome app!  It is a calorie tracker where you can input your weight, where you want to be, and some other factors and it calculates how many calories you should be eating each day. As the day goes on, you can input what you’ve eaten and your workout details and it keeps track of your daily progress.  This app is awesome because it has practically everything (including the 1/2 Panera sandwich I had a work lunch this week) in the app.  AND if you don’t feel like searching,  you can scan the barcode of what you’re eating and all the details pull up. AWESOME!! Oh, and it’s free!

3.  I have been skiing since I was in middle school and have always dreamed of going somewhere “real” to ski. Not just the various places around Pennsylvania.  This week my fella and I booked an upcoming ski trip out west to Colorado!!! I can’t wait!! I have a countdown ready and going! Hopefully I survive the descent down the mountain!! (Picture source)

4.  In addition to skiing, we are going camping in a few weeks.  Some background….I am a girl scout drop out. I was forced to go camping when I was younger, camped in the snow, and refused to go again so I quit!   Last October was the first time I had gone camping since I was a kid and have gone twice since!  I haven’t had my own sleeping bag and froze the last time we went so I had to invest in this awesome bag!!  I got it out of the box this week and it is so warm and cozy and comfy, I want to lay in it on the couch at night when I watch tv. Hey, I live alone –  I can do these things!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!!

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