High Five for Friday!!!

Hey Hey!!! Happy Friday!! I have been anxiously awaiting this week to be “ovah”!!!

H5ff sept 20

1.  I ran to Target for necessities this week (3 times because I forgot something EVERY TIME) and ended up with this $4 “necessity”.  This Pumpkin Cheesecake candle is absolutely UH-MAZING!!! I can’t get enough of it. Totally got me pumped up and ready for Fall!

2.  I did some HomeGoods browsing last week and saw this little guy for $5.99.  I am not a dog person. Never owned one and never will, but I fell in love with this little guy. I keep going back and looking at his picture because he is so darn cute!!

3.  I bought an iMac 2 years ago……and I’m not sure why. Somehow I let myself be talked into wanting  a desktop more than a laptop. Bad move. I have someone who is buying my iMac, and before I can let it go I have to get myself a new computer to keep up with this here blog and other life necessities.  So I am computer shopping this weekend with my fella and I am pumped!!!! Especially because it WILL NOT break the bank with the sale of my old comp!  Excited like it’s Christmas!!

4.  This week I went out to dinner with some friends to restaurant week in Conshohocken (outside of Philly).  We went to a tappas restaurant and each got the tasting menu for restaurant week.  The 12 courses were delicious (except for the salt-laden squash soup and the mussels and shrimp which I didn’t eat).  Although there was a 15 minute lull between each tasting course, the night was fun.  My fave course of all? DESSERT!! I’m a sucker for dessert!

5.  I am always excited to try out new apps on my phone.  I heard about the Sleep Time Alarm Clock app and knew I wanted to check it out.  It’s an alarm clock you set at night before bed. You then put your phone face down on your bed (above your pillow) and it monitors your sleep levels during the night. It works with the sensor in your phone to be able to record when you are awake, in a light sleep or in a deep sleep.  It will also start your alarm in the morning when it senses your body is ready to wake up, rather than when you alarm is making you get up.  The first night, my alarm went off 20 minutes before my set wake-up. Today it didn’t go off until my set time.  Guess I wasn’t ready to get up!! Both nights I was around a 90% sleep efficiency meaning my body is in a nice, restful state of sleep for most of the night! It also has soothing ocean sounds to fall asleep to! So far I think its pretty spot on and awesome! Give it a try!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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