A Little Bit Old School

This little update couldn’t have been any faster, easier or cheaper (well I guess anything can always be cheaper, but this one definitely didn’t break the bank!)

Since moving in last July, I have been living with this in my upstairs hallway……..


Yup!  A bare light bulb.  (And leftover curtain hardware on the windows from the previous owners – but that’s another story for another day!)

As soon as I moved in, I took down this ravishing beauty……

Old Light

I just couldn’t do it. The “boob” light shape, the decorative finial type thing and the crackled glass. I didn’t know what I would put up at the time, it just had to come down.

I had some ideas, just like I do for every room in the house, including these……..(all images from Shades of Light)







I love each and every one of these……even dream about that pentagon light at the bottom…..but I am not going to be in this house forever, and I would rather spend the majority of my money on bigger impact updates, and ones more people will see!

My house was built in the 1940’s and you saw the vintage hexagon bathroom tiles here (which can’t be salvaged).  I would love to make a ton of updates to the whole house, but want to keep a little bit of the fun, vintage aspect to it.

I have seen vintage schoolhouse lights around places including Lowes, Home Depot and even at the ultra spendy, but gorgeous, Shades of Light.

I went to Home Depot and picked up this school house lamp cover for $5.95. No changing of the light fixture, no wiring, no spray painting the existing fixture another color. Just a simple, screw-in-three-screws-and-done, update.

Schoolhouse Light 1

I love it!! Such a fun, quick update!

Schoolhouse Light 2

Why, yes, that’s my unmade bed in the background.  I didn’t realize it until well after I was done taking pictures and then I lost my natural light. Just keeping it real! And seriously, I know I’m not the only person out there who doesn’t make their bed everyday!!!!  At least I don’t have clothes all over the floor…..that you can see!!

Schoolhouse Light 3

What do you think? Helping to keep some of the vintage feel of the house? Well worth the $5.95 and 10% effort?!?!  I think so!


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