Sneak Peek!!

Hello Hello!!! First up, I have to admit I have nothing new finished to share. HOWEVER, I feel like I have a million and one projects waiting for me, or that are in the very beginning stages……so there is plenty on the way!!!

But for now, here is a sneak peek of some of the things waiting in the wings!

First up, this baby came in the mail today. So excited to build it and add a personal touch……


This is the result of a weekend trip to Ikea….two projects waiting in the bag…….


A quick accessory addition that is totally out of my comfort zone…….


I have a date with some contact paper one night this week…..


There is some sewing in my future (which is a problem since I can’t even sew a button on a shirt………)


And I can’t wait to give this stuff a whirl……..


So……..that is what is waiting for some attention from me….along with some continued cork removal in the spare bedroom and cabinet staining…….no excuses to not get moving on all of this right?!?! Looks like I have a busy week and weekend ahead of me!!



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