High Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday!! Here’s my 5 highlights of the week! (No wasting time this week!!!)

H5FF 7:26

1.  When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago, my fella paid for me to get a manicure at the Bellagio (isn’t he sweet?!?)  I opted for a French manicure and the woman used Essie polish (I was shocked!!) When I came home I vowed to re-create it with my own Essie polish.  For my first try, not too shabby!! Now I can get at least 50 manicures for $14 total!! Instead of 1 manicure for close to $50!! WOOT!

2.  Last weekend I went shopping at Ikea (see here) with my mom.  She got me this gorgeous orchid for my house and so far, 5 days later, it seems to still be vibrant and alive!! I haven’t killed it yet!!

3.  Say what you might, I was pretty darn excited for Kate to have the royal baby this week.  True story, when I was in middle school, my life’s mission was to marry Prince William and be queen someday. I had books about him……total stalker style.  Well, that plan obviously didn’t work because Kate is totally living in my spot!! But just like I watched their wedding, I was totally excited for her to birth the tiny prince or princess. I was pulling for her to have a girl because can you IMAGINE the adorable way she would dress her?!?!

4.  My fella and I started a subscription to Netflix a few months ago (with every intention of splitting the cost!! Note: I sort of avoided ever paying!! HA!).  We did a one month free subscription so we could watch Breaking Bad.  After that I sort of gave up on it, but this week we started watching The Walking Dead together (too scary for me to watch on my own – this girl is a chicken!) and I started watching Orange is the New Black! Let me tell you, this show is AWESOME!! It’s a Netflix exclusive and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you totally should.  I should be done the first season in 2-3 days. Yes, that’s a lot of watching! But Netflix totally feeds binge TV watching tendencies!

5.    HGTV Design Star wrapped up last Sunday and I was super excited to see who would win. I was totally pulling for Tiffany to win.  Her design style was more my taste and her personality is awesome.  She beat out the other two finalists and will soon have her own shown on HGTV.  Her personality will be perfect for TV and I can’t wait to watch her own show! And with a name like Tiffany she has to be fabulous!!! This is one of her rooms in her design portfolio.  I am not in love with the purple but together it all looks amazing. Swap out the purple for navy blue and she can put this room in my house any day!!

Well now……my high fives were awfully TV centered this week! I swear I do more than watch tv!!!

What plans do you guys have for the weekend? Do share!!

As always, linking up with Lauren!!!


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