Ikea Crazy!

Hope you had a good weekend!! I had hoped to accomplish some blog-worthy projects this weekend, but sadly, a day at the pool Saturday and a lazy Sunday won out over being productive!  I DID however venture to Ikea with my mom to pick up a piece of furniture for an upcoming project. I’m super excited about it, but not motivated enough to built it yet!! Ha!

I did have a good time taking in the Ikea showroom eye-candy with my mom and taking some pictures to share with all of you!! And now, virtual Ikea shopping!! (These are all iPhone pics b/c I draw the line at taking my big camera into the store and looking like a crazy woman! So instead I covertly take phone pics when people finally move out of my way!)

My Ikea was working on building some new displays and the ones they have finished were pretty impressive.

They created a really cozy, romantic, girly bedroom that I just wanted to lay in all day….


That cozy duvet cover with the canopy and soft lighting…I’ll take it!

And not to mention that wall of fake succulents behind the bed…..how awesome is this?!?!

ikea 3

Ikea is putting some more “live-able” colors (not rainbow-hued colors, or things that everyday homes would have trouble incorporating) into its decor pieces. Like this adorable blue clock.

ikea 2

I loved the clock gallery, I just wish the clock had a less “yellow, old-school” face.

They also had this adorable blue serving tray….

ikea 4

That was part of the SUPER cozy living room….

ikea 5

I totally wanted to move in and live on that couch. And sweater blankets? My obsession.  Move me in!

These white kitchens had me swooning. Makes me itch to get on my kitchen reno! If only I had a money tree in the backyard right?!?!

ikea 6

ikea 7

ikea 8

Comfy seating areas were plentiful. This first one makes me want a movie room in my house with these cozy seats!

ikea 9

ikea 10

My mom loved all of the funky light fixtures they had including these….

ikea 11

ikea 13

There were some pretty great lighting options that weren’t so…..creative!!

ikea 14

These small mercury glass lights were adorable. I should have gotten one for $7 but I was being good!

ikea 15 ikea 16

And I totally brought home this little gem……

ikea 17

The perfect addition to my “girly” bedroom…..SIKE!!! Seriously though, if you own this, can you please send me a picture of the room it is in??

Like I said, I walked out with a piece of furniture for a future project, along with this $5 storage cube for my “seasonal” shoes…

ikea 18

Which was supposed to fit under my bed and doesn’t (so it lives in the closet).

And this GORGEOUS orchid for my house.  My house has needed some “life” other than me and this beauty is just the pop of life and color I needed!

ikea 19

ikea 20

Now hopefully I can keep it alive!!!


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