High Five for Friday!!!

Woot! It’s Friday. Hot, 94 degree but feels like 104 degree Friday!! It has been sweltering here in PA this week. But that doesn’t stop me from having some highlights of the week!! Here goes….


1.  I had a work picnic last Saturday and couldn’t show up empty handed, so I had to make something. Well, I have had a disastrous track record at both cooking & baking lately so my fella made cookies for me/us to take. A, they are delicious. B, they weren’t burned or undercooked because I didn’t make them! He’s awesome! And no I’m not ashamed that my fella can cook & bake better than I can, because I can change electrical outlets and build furniture!!

2.  I finally put up some shelves in my living room and personalized my space a little more since moving in a year ago.  They make me happy and the space so much more “homey.”  See that post here.

3.  It is the middle of July and I am pale. White. Like Casper.  Normally, by this time, I have at least gone to the beach once or twice and have been outside. This year, summer is escaping me and I have no tan. I planned to hit up the community pool in my fella’s town this Saturday to finally get some outdoor color, but alas, it is supposed to storm. Chance of rain, 70%. At least I won’t be sweating outside right?!?

4.  I got my iPhone 5 in February and since then I have been on the hunt for the perfect case. It’s sort of a sickness.  Since I got it, I have been using a spare case from my fella. Recently, I saw J Crew outlet was having a clearance sale and saw this pretty little case for $5. I snapped that baby up. It came in the mail this week and I like it! Do I love it? No. Will I probably still be looking for THE case? Definitely. But for $5 this one ain’t bad!

5.  There are so many great blog conferences out there that I would love to attend including the Texas Style Council conference in August, the Alt Summit in NYC in June, and Haven Conference also in August.  I missed out on them this year but can hopefully make one next year.  Alt Summit also provides online seminars throughout the year for people who can’t travel to the in-person sessions.  I took an online conference for $15 on Thursday night on using photography on your blog.  It was a good one hour information session, and worth the $15. I could even watch it on my couch on my iPad.  The schedule of upcoming classes can be found here.

Well, that’s my week in a nutshell!! Hope everyone is staying cool and had a fab week and an even better weekend!!! 

Happy Weekend!

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