Making it home….one shelf at a time

Sunday marked the one year anniversary that I have physically lived in this house.  I settled on the house a few weeks before moving so I could get some things done like new carpet and painting before moving furniture into the space.  Paint and new carpet are the “critical”  things for me to start with to help a new house feel like my space instead of like I’m living in someone else’s house.  Up until this point, most of the personal touches, designed specifically around the new spaces, were done in my bedroom.

My living room has just been a space filled with furniture from my last house, put in an arrangement that just “works” and nothing really personal or different from where I lived before.  One day I finally got the itch to makeover this space.  I had a good number of things already on hand, so I got to work.

I don’t have any progress pictures with my furniture in the living room – the wall above the old owner’s couch, with two piddly picture frames has sat empty for the past year in my house.  My couch is in the same place and that empty wall was begging to be filled with something fabulous.


In my former house, I made Pottery Barn inspired Hudson shelves here…..


I originally stained them a dark walnut and they hung in my dining room with white plates.  I had no room in this house for the same setup so they sat in the basement unused.

I have been eyeing gorgeous gallery wall ledges like these for years……







My house has been lacking serious personalization, with little to no pictures or things on the walls.  I figured this blank wall was the perfect space for my own gallery wall.

I got to work priming and painting my shelves in my dining room paint studio.


(That could quite possibly be the worst blog picture ever. The painting happened during my days of the broken camera lens so this is all I got. At least I have that solved now!!!)

I used Valspar’s Swiss Coffee color matched to Olympic’s Premium paint.  Once they were dry and ready they sat in my dining room for a few weeks. Now, I will DI-myself a LOT, but hanging heavy shelves while drilling into my plaster walls was something I needed man-muscle for. When I could get my fella’s schedule to work to be able to come to my house (I normally go to him), we got hanging.

Note:  Hanging anything on plaster walls is quite tricky (Let the record stand, if I move, I NEVER want plaster walls again!).  We had 1/4 inch screws but started off drilling with 1/16, then 7/64 inch bits.  This gave the hole time to work into becoming bigger rather than just going gangbusters at the plaster to prevent cracking.  While drilling, we only got about a half an inch into the plaster when the drill wouldn’t budge.  The fella realized we must have been hitting cinder block because it wasn’t going anywhere.  A quick trip to Home Depot for a masonry drill bit and we were back in business.  For all 6 holes we followed the same steps of working up to the 1/4 inch hole, finishing them up with the masonry bit.  Hammer in some anchors made for plaster and we were good to go!!!

And now, the finished product!!!!!


I am IN LOVE!!! They make the house feel 1,000% cozier!! I walk in the front door or down the steps, and I just smile. Heck, I round the corner from the dining room and smile!!!

See, this is rounding from the dining room…..


And some more….just because I can’t get enough!!!





Family vacation shots!


Sidenote: I totally love this picture of me (not the one where I am trying to eat my fellas head) – the little me. I would totally rock that coat today if I had it in grown-up size!!!

So, what do you think?!?! As I stated above “IM IN LOVE!!!!!” They really helped up the “homey” factor of the living room. I can’t stop staring!


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