Bathroom Progress….Cabinet Update

I have big but feasible plans for my bathroom overhaul (mood board here).  And as much as I would love to just have it all done now, the “Bank of Me” doesn’t allow for it all to be done in one shot.  I am tackling this puppy piece by piece as I can save the pennies I need!

The first major update I did was to tackle those FABULOUS orange-y wood cabinets with gold hardware.  Remember these?

bathroom 1

I knew this would be a super easy project and super cheap!  One quart of Zinser Primer (already had), one quart of Olympic Moonlit Snow paint & primer in one (for bathrooms & kitchens) at $15, 5 new bushed nickel cabinet pulls for $10, and new brushed nickel hinges for $10, I was ready to get started.

Over two days I primed the cabinet and doors………….


Then I gave it all two coats of paint and I ended up with this…….


(Ignore me in the pic…..this room is so small I didn’t have much of a choice…..well I guess I could have stood in the shower now that I think of it. Oh well!)

I love it so much and it makes the bathroom already feel bigger and updated.  Once I loaded the cabinets back up with all of my hair and makeup products, I noticed a bit of a problem……


Most of my hair products come in metal cans. They were scratching up the shelves when I took them out and put them back each day. I searched for cute shelf liners but couldn’t find anything I liked enough. I took a trip to HomeGoods for some baskets and ended up with this wonderful piece of organization!!!


I have an addiction to baskets and any way I can use them to organize and make a space feel prettier I’m all over it!!!

The bottom basket came with two smaller baskets that I used on the other side of the cabinet to help corral my stuff!!!


I’m not sure how anyone else could ever live here with me!!! There is no room left for anyone else other than that top right shelf!! And now you don’t have to come over to my house and secretly peek into my medicine cabinet while you are using the bathroom…..I put it out here on the internet for everyone to see!!! And yes, that is a cupcake covered box holding all of my nail polish.  I love when my niece picks out gifts for me!!

Total cost for the cabinet update?  $47.00. I also had to buy a new, white GFI outlet to replace the beige one from before (which I totally installed myself)!

Having this one piece of the bathroom done is totally making me antsy to get the rest of the bigger projects (new floor tile and redoing the wall tile) underway!!!


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