High Five for Friday!!!

This week flew by for some odd reason(thankfully), but it was filled with very little excitement! Hence, my H5FF isn’t too exciting, but here she is!


 1.  After a week+ away from the gym while in Vegas and with the 4th of July holiday, I dragged myself back to the gym this week. It’s so nice to get a break from that, but not nice when you feel the lbs creeping back in! The first day was absolute torture! Back to the grind!

2.  As much as I would love to spend money on house items that make it pretty, I am not independently wealthy and not able to spend on whatever I want. And sometimes fun/pretty stuff takes a back seat to necessities. I had to spend $$ this week on a dehumidifier for my basement. I have a constant stream of water in a drainage trench around my basement and with some heavier rains recently I seem to have a slight mold issue on the floor.  It’s no fun spending $$ on necessary items!

3.  With boring days at work as a bean-counter, accountant, I like to spice up my day with over-the-top shoes like these!That’s one way to spice up a black dress for work!

4.  Along with going back to the gym and household necessities, I spent a lot of time this week making to-do lists, budgeting and other organizational things. I am SO forgetful and will tell myself to do something  later that day and will totally forget when the time rolls around. The Siri function on my iPhone 5 has become my new favorite thing. She reminds me of practically everything now! No excuses for forgetting…..unless I forget to set a reminder!

5.  I got my first Birchbox two weeks ago (see my review here). Newly subscribing at the end of June means I already got my July box within 2 weeks of my June box! And I have to say, this July box looks awesome so far!! MUCH better than my first go-round with the box.  Hopefully I still feel the same way when I use the stuff inside! Stay tuned for my July review!

As always, linking up with Lauren!

Happy Weekend!!!!

  photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!!!

    • Hi Layne! Thanks for stopping! I’ll be setting up the dehumidifier this weekend! Glad to hear from someone in the same boat it will work!! Happy Weekend!

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