A girls gotta have her shoes….and a place to store them!

I love shoes….as most girls do.  I also have way too many…..as most girls do.  When I showed you my bedroom here I confessed my mess of shoes and no place to store them.


I have officially been in my house for one year, and for one year my shoes have lived in the same moving boxes they arrived in.  I would just tear through the boxes each morning to find the shoes I wanted.  This has been getting old for, oh, I don’t know, about the past 9 months!! My shoes were starting to get beat up from being thrown in the boxes and I wasn’t even wearing half of the options I had because I didn’t feel like digging for a certain pair!

From the time I moved in I was researching shoe storage options. I knew I wanted to keep them in this cubby space in my bedroom but wasn’t sure what would work. Here were some of the options I considered.



I had the wall space for this and plenty of heels, but what about my flats, massive amount of flip flops and boots?? It just wasn’t going to work.



Shoe storage racks like this are plentiful and I knew I could get a big enough rack, but they just weren’t chic enough!!! (Hey, a girl CAN have it all, especially when it comes to shoe storage!)



This Hemnes cabinet from IKEA has the look I wanted, but I wasn’t convinced I could fit all of my shoes in those two drawers. And what about my tall boots?

Strolling around Pinterest, there are always amazing closet systems that anyone would dream of having. Believe me, I have considered turning the spare bedroom into a giant walk-in closet. But that would just be silly……or would it?!?!  Images like these really stuck with me…..







I knew that although I didn’t have a huge walk-in closet, I had to have this system.  I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a standard white book shelf as shoe storage in my bedroom.  I researched and was between an IKEA Billy bookcase and one from Target.  Target was having a sale on this 5 shelf Pasadena white book shelf….



Normally $73.99, it was on sale for $66.59.  Using my Target REDcard debit card, I got another 5% discount, bringing it down to $60.26.  I googled for another coupon code and got another 3% off bringing my total down to $58.51 before tax.  Using my REDcard, I also got free shipping (saving me another $29.99).

The shelf was delivered to my door.  The directions recommend 2 people……….


But I said “I got this” and got to work.  It was super easy to put together and probably only took me a half hour.


The middle shelf is stationary, but the remaining three are adjustable.  I decided to get to work figuring out shoe placement before putting in the remaining shelves.

My boots have spent the past year getting smashed in the bottom of those boxes. I knew I wanted them to stand up to maintain their shape, so I rolled up magazines I no longer needed to hold them up!



The rest of the shelves got layered in based on the height of the shoes I had and the placement of the preexisting holes in the shelves.


I knew for my flats I only needed a small spaced shelf and I knew my heels needed more room.  This arrangement worked nicely with MOST of my heels and flats fitting in.


I have a TON of flip flops and sandals. I knew I couldn’t line them up on the shelves without running out of room.  I got this basket for $12.99 at HomeGoods where I could store all of my summer flip flops and sandals and still have some additional room for my heel overflow!



Out of those two large boxes I started with, I had 4 pairs of shoes/sandals that I no longer wear so I am going to get rid of them, and probably 6 more pairs of heels that are specifically fall/winter heels.  They will be nicely stored until the seasons change and I swap out all of my summer peep-toe heels for the fall!!!

Much more organized……and pretty too!! (I may be biased!)  It may not be high end or have a built-in look but my shoes are ready to be worn, not strewn about in a giant box, and my mess is corralled!  I also left the white card-board backing off of the shelf to keep the wall color flowing through and make it feel a little more seamless.


It sort of makes me feel like I have my own little dressing area….for shoes!!  However, I am tapped out on space. I can’t buy any more shoes….or I just have to get another shelf to expand the space!!!!

And it definitely didn’t break the bank!

Total for the project?

  • Shelf – $62.03 (after discounts and tax)
  • Basket – $12.99

Total  $75.02

What do you think?!?! I love!


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