Setting the Mood (Bathroom Mood Board)!!

One of my downfalls is that I can’t visualize a space in my mind…..colors, patterns, layouts, etc.  I need visuals, pictures, inspiration, pulling them all together to make one cohesive image.  I needed to pull together a full mood board for clarity and guidance on my bathroom renovation. Sort of like my roadmap!

First, a reminder of what I was starting with………….

bathroom 1

Teal/black tiles, carpet with beat up tiles underneath, fish/seahorse shower door and wood cabinets with gold accents.  Here is what I envision this space becoming………

Bathroom Mood Board 1.  I will be swapping out gold fixtures & hardware for more modern brushed nickel.  I had considered going oil rubbed bronze, but didn’t want too much darkness in such a small space.  This is a light fixture I have in mind from Home Depot.

2.  I have already painted the upper medicine cabinets white (another post for another day).  It really helps make the space feel bigger and makes the cabinets blend into the background.

3.  I wanted a soft gray color for the walls.  This Glidden Pebble Grey seems perfect!  I will definitely be getting some samples to paint on the walls to be sure!

4.  The design all pretty much started with the shower curtain.  I had looked at about a million different places for shower curtains I loved after I took down the glass shower doors.  I had debated just using a white waffle curtain like this but with my plan for white tiles and grey walls, I decided I wanted some color.  I decided on this shower curtain from West Elm.  It is ready and waiting to be hung up!

5.  Under that gross bathroom carpet there were awesome white/black vintage hex tiles, but they are in bad shape with cracks, rust stains and an unmatching blue tile border.  The floor in the bathroom also slopes sideways toward the tub. So I am going to replace the tile floor and am in LOVE with this grey penny tile from The Tile  Shop.  And the bathroom is only about 24 square feet of flooring (without subtracting space for the sink cabinet and toilet) so it shouldn’t be too spendy!

6.  After painting the top cabinets white, I decided I wanted to add a little bit of dimension to the cool grey/white/yellow color scheme.  I am going to stain the sink cabinet a dark mocha color and keep the existing white sink and top.

7.  And last but not least, the teal and black tiles around the tub and walls of the bathroom have to go!  I have priced out having a professional resurface the tub and walls and just don’t want to spend the money.  I have done lots of research and think that this Rustoleum refinishing kit is the way to go!  That will be a full weekend project and cause me to become homeless for a few days because I will have nowhere to shower until it fully cures. I will need someone to take me in!

So, there she is! My full plan for the bathroom!  It will be a slow project as I save my pennies between projects and work on other things around the house and live boring old normal life (work, gym, etc!)

What do you think?!?!


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