Bedroom Progress

(Try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a better post title than that….sorry!!)

So, as always, lets start with a reminder of the bedroom that came with this little ole house…..

bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4

When I bought this house, I knew it was my first and possibly last time to design a girly bedroom that was JUST me.  I started daydreaming, wanting new bedding, a fabulous wall color and accessories to make the space girly yet chic. I dreamt up something like this……


The first things that had to go in the bedroom were the wall color, the yucky brown carpet, the pink vertical blinds near the cubby, lights/ceiling fan and the built-in dresser under the tv above.


The built-in dresser came out super easy. It was simply screwed right into the wall. Removal of some screws and it lifted right out.  Seeing that there was no carpet underneath reinforced that the carpet had to go!  Even with the baseboard cut-out on the bottom of the dresser, I was able to sell it on Craigslist for $40! Woot!

IMG_3428 IMG_3431

Carpet removal was a super easy but super smelly process.  With the help of some friends I sliced the carpet into sections and just rolled it up and carried it outside.  The carpet pad underneath was a little messier because of various staples (that had to be removed one by one as I slid myself around the room on my bottom trying to NOT sit on a rogue staple!)

From the start, I was drawn to a relaxing, resort-like, almost Tiffany-blue color for the walls.


I looked at these colors for days figuring out which wasn’t too dark and moody, wasn’t too bright & comical, and would feel like a relaxing vacation space every day. Finally I settled on the third from the left, top row.  Grand Hotel Mackinac Blue from Valspar.


(iPhone pic = this is the best I was gonna get) The floor underneath was in OK shape. For a while I considered having it refinished and just having gorgeous hardwood floors.  But I got some estimates and some of the spots around the room were not in the best shape and needed replacement boards.  My total was going to be several hundred dollars more than getting carpet, AND THEN I would want to spend money on fabulous area rugs, so carpet it was.  I am totally happy with my decision.  As much as I love gorgeous, dark hardwood floors, I love having warm cozy carpet in the bedroom.

After removing the yucky old carpet, having the room painted, replacing both light fixtures, adding wooden blinds, and painting the last built-in dresser, here is the progress I am living with thus far………

IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728 IMG_3733 IMG_3732


Let’s revisit my initial to-do list for this room, shall we???

  • Remove smelly, badly imprinted carpet
  • New carpet or refinish hardwood floors depending on cost
  • Remove built-in dresser 
  • Remove white shelves on wall above built in dresser 
  • Paint entire room
  • Paint inside of closet & cubby area near window
  • Replace white ceiling fan
  • Replace standard “boob” light 
  • Switch out outlets & light switches for white
  • Replace pink blinds throughout the room
  • Paint built-in dresser next to closet
  • Build bed frame with headboard for bed
  • Art for wall opposite large closet and above leather bench
  • Something for wall above hampers
  • Get suitable, SMALL nightstand.  Right now I am using a skinny end table that I used to use in my living room. I keep it classy, what can I say?!?

And the major to-do on the list……..handle this mess!!!


I am ashamed that I even put these pictures up, but hey, keeping it real!! I have lived here almost one year and my shoes are still living in 2 moving boxes below my window.  As you can see by the pics above, there isn’t much room left in this bedroom for shoe storage.  I don’t want to keep shoes at the bottom of my closet so I have been brainstorming the past few months and think I have come up with something!  My solution has been shipped so hopefully in the next week or so I will have cute, functional shoe storage. Because brown moving boxes are a sure way to scuff up my kicks!


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