The Great Outdoors

While mowing my grass one day, I realized that in sharing my house tour and to-do list for the inside of the house, I never showed you much of the outside other than a front shot of the house! Here is a little tour of the outside of my house including my wish list of what I will be and would like to be changing in the future!


The outside is pretty simple. The house is mostly brick with some beige siding at the top, window awnings, beige shutters and front door, and brown trim. The front yard is raised both on the side of the driveway and from the front sidewalk.


In the future, I would love to……

  • Paint the siding
  • Paint the shutters
  • Paint the brown trim
  • Remove the window awnings
  • Paint the storm door and the front door
  • Replace the hardware on both doors (it is gold) along with the gold house numbers to the right of the door (because of some Photoshop magic you can’t see those numbers and try to find me!)


I share the driveway with my neighbors. You can fit two cars in my driveway, just front to back, not side to side. Good thing its only me!

At the top of the driveway there are steps that lead up to a small wooden deck.


The deck is home to my grill, trash and recycling cans, my sun chair and the hose reel. It is in pretty good shape structurally but it needs a good pressure washing and coat of stain/sealer.

At the edge of the wooden deck begins a brick walkway that leads to the shed……


The shed and the pathway are in great shape and don’t need any work. Except for those dang weeds in the mulch bed below the tree…whoops!!


I have this super fun vine that grows around a post that holds the rain gutter coming off of the house (see 2 pictures before this one). Just past that vine is my backyard. There is some nice grass and an empty mulch garden in the corner! I planted flowers out front, that was more than enough! Maybe next year I will be adventurous enough to plant a vegetable garden or something back here…..which will most likely be eaten by the neighborhood cat that lives under my shed!


See how the brick path leads to the gate at the back? Well technically it leads only to my neighbor to the back’s back yard! Strange! Especially since we haven’t even met yet!

I have to mow the grass once a week and weed whack around the fence and gardens. I am SUPER allergic to grass and especially fresh cut grass. I have wanted to hire a lawn boy to handle my yard but that’s just silliness given how small it is. SO, to combat my allergies, small yard, as well as the raised yard out front, I invested my pennies in one of these bad boys………


That’s right. I’m taking it old school. No gas/oil mixture to deal with, no smelly cut grass, and no lifting a huge mower up and down the deck steps and the front yard steps.


Not to mention, its actually harder to push than a regular mower! Built-in work out! (Note, I do not recommend wearing flip flops to mow and using your foot to try to get a piece of mulch out of the rotary blades!)


Off the back of the house is a big covered porch. I love it. It is accessible to the deck and looks out into the backyard.


It’s big enough to hold my table for six and still have a whole other half left. There is outdoor carpeting and a ceiling fan.


There is the door into the kitchen as well as a window that is over the sink, looking out into the back yard. That is probably one of my favorite spots in the house!

Anyway, my wish list for out here…..

  • Paint the large green wall
  • Paint the green beams on the screen “wall”
  • Replace the old, brown, industrial ceiling fan
  • Remove the light blue “welcome” sign that has been permanently glued to the brick wall….I swear they used cement! That joker isn’t coming off!
  • Paint the back door
  • And my ULTIMATE fantasy for this space is to build an awesome outdoor lounge/seating area like this along the big green wall…….



Ahhhhh….wouldn’t that be amazingly cozy to relax on in the evenings under the covered porch without bugs/mosquitos attacking?!?

Well, there is the outside! As you can see I haven’t crossed a single thing off the to-do list! Right now its enough for me to make sure the grass gets mowed and the gardens get weeded! Possibly in the fall I will tackle some of the outdoor painting things to be done! Stay tuned!


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