High Five for Friday!!!

If you were here last week, you saw my introductory High Five for Friday post!  Lauren over at Lauren Elizabeth does a weekly post called High Five for Friday where she highlights 5 of her favorite things from her week and invites other bloggers to do the same and link up over at her page.  Taking a break from house projects and other normal blog stuff, here is my 2nd H5FF post!


1.  This Sunday I will be running my first 5k. I have NEVER been a runner and my whole life have seen it as pure torture, but a life goal of mine is to be able to run one of these crazy races that everyone does. So my boss and I signed up to run in the Philly Color Run this weekend! HOWEVER, I am totally doing it with a bum leg courtesy of my bad sciatica nerve. We will be walking most of it seeing as how just walking down the steps makes my leg buckle, but it’ll be fun nonetheless!!!

2.   This second week of June is a busy celebration week. My mom’s birthday was Wednesday, my fella’s birthday is Sunday (along with father’s day) and my nieces get confirmed on Sunday. Lots of card and present buying to be had this week!

3.  My fella works outside most of the day and will frequently send me amazing iPhone pics of flowers he sees. It’s his own special way of being romantic!  They are flowers that will never die!! I definitely have a project in mind for all of these pictures! Isn’t this one gorgeous?!?! They totally brighten up my day, stuck inside at a desk!

4.  These earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie came in the mail this week! They are totally gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear them! They are amazing quality and are sold for an amazing price! Make sure you check out their shop!

5.  Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m doing something totally random.  One morning while blow drying my hair for work, I had an epiphany on what to do with my cork board wall!! Once the idea was in my brain I had new motivation to attack that cork with a vengeance!! The battle is slowly moving along but there is a new fuel to my fire and I’m excited to just get to the fun part!!

Well that is my week and upcoming weekend in a nutshell!! Think good thoughts for Sunday that I can actually run from the starting line and not look like a total fool stopping after 5 steps!!!  Hopefully I’ll have lots of fun color-filled pics to share next week!

Happy Weekend!!!

I’m linking up over at Lauren Elizabeth! Make sure you stop in to check out everyone else’s high fives!!!

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