Mercury Glass Faux Sho! (An oldie but goodie!)

Since I have ownership of both this blog and my old blog here, it is more than perfectly acceptable for me to steal my own material!!! One of the most successful posts I had over at the old blog were my instructions on making faux mecury glass. I wanted to share it here for any new followers and anyone else stumbling in from places like Pinterest etc! Here are the instructions from the original post!

I had been in love with mercury glass everything….vases, lamps, etc. but was never willing to spend the money on the high prices I saw. I did a lot of research and there are lots of great tutorials out there to help in making your own. The tutorial I used to guide my adventures in making my own was from here.

As I learned in my faux-mercury glass research, the key “ingredient” to knock-off amazing mercury glass decor pieces was the Krylon Looking Glass spray paint…

looking glass

After driving all over creation, I learned that this is not sold at Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Sherwin Williams or ACE Hardware. After actually doing some research I found out it is sold at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabric. I ventured to Michaels and searched the spray paint section… luck. I headed to JoAnn’s…….again, nothing. I did some quick research on my phone and saw that Michaels has it, but you have to look in the glass paint aisle.

Back to Michaels I went. You can imagine the ecstatic-ness when I finally found it in the glass paint aisle. The paint was $12.99 (sort of pricey) but with a 40% off coupon, $8 mercury glass was within my reach!!!!

If you are going to make your own faux mercury glass, I HIGHLY suggest practicing on some junk glass that you are okay to mess up. GoodWill is a good spot to hit up for some cheap vases/candle holders/cups, etc. I had a bunch of extra vases so I got to work… first two attempts were nothing to be proud of……read – total failure. However, after some practice on my junk glass I got it just right. This tutorial will help you make awesome mercury glass on your own…and for cheap!


  • Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint
  • Glass vase, candle cup, etc.
  • Spray bottle with 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar
  • Paper towels
How to

1. It’s best to lay your piece on its side, if possible. You will be spraying the INSIDE of the glass. The paint is sprayed on the side opposite of the mirror finish.

2. Spray the Looking Glass paint in short, light bursts, holding the can approximately 6-8 inches away from the opening of the glass. After each spray, turn the glass a quarter turn. The Looking Glass paint can be runny, so the key to successful coverage is the light, short bursts. If your paint “puddles” on the glass, you can try to wipe it up a bit but it won’t cover evenly.

3. The paint will appear a dull gray at first, but in just a few short seconds, the wonderful mirror-magic will appear right before your eyes!


4. Allow your paint to dry for only about 60 seconds.

5. Lightly spray the inside of the glass with the vinegar/water mixture so it beads lightly on the paint. The vinegar is acidic enough to begin to eat away at the paint on the glass.


6. Let the beads “set” for a minute and tightly wrap your pointer finger with a sheet of paper towel. Soak the paper towel with the vinegar/water mixture.


7. Begin to “push” on the beads of water with the paper towel to “break” the paint…..


Its easier to watch your work through the outside as you go so you can see the “pattern” you are making in the paint. Be careful to keep the paper towel tight around your finger, or else you will wipe away the paint on the side opposite of where you are working.

When “pushing” the paint, push firm enough to move the paint, but do not wipe the paint away. The key is to just move the paint around – creating a crackle effect, rather than wiping it off.

Once they were dry, I sprayed the inside of mine with a clear sealer from Krylon to protect the paint in the future. You could also use a brown glaze on the inside to give your glass a nice warm tone. I preferred the “original” look. I LOVE THEM!!! Total cost for about 5 mercury glass pieces……$8!!!


Obviously, due to the serious, flammable, toxic nature of the paint/sealer, no food items can go in these glasses!

Note, I have received many questions from people about actually using real candles inside their candle holders. I am not an expert on these types of things and only prepared this tutorial on how to make the glass containers! I’m a scaredy-cat so I wouldn’t put candles inside when done, but maybe after curing outside for a few days and all the fumes are gone it MIGHT be okay. But I am claiming no responsibility. Whatever you do with your completed Mercury glass, do at your own risk!!

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