Wishin’ & Hopin’ Part 2

After sharing my plans for the first floor of the house here, I realized that the list for the upstairs was actually busier than the first floor!!  Again, this list is based on the day I settled on the house. Some of these things have been done, are in progress, or are just fantasies that I dream of having!



  • Paint wall above wainscoting
  • Swap out outlets and light switches for white
  • If living room carpet ever gets removed, removal would contiue up the steps & into the hallway – FANTASY!


  • Figure out linen storage soultion in hall corner (nowhere to store this stuff in the bathroom) – this is a bonus picture I didn’t share before b/c the only picture I had from before moving in was blurry! But now you get the idea – tiny space!


bathroom 1

  • Paint over shell border
  • Remove icky carpet on bathroom floor
  • Paint upper cabinets white
  • Remove built-in hairdryer!
  • Stain lower cabinet dark espresso color
  • Remove shower door
  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Replace outlet & light switches for white (1/2 done)
  • Paint/replace door handle and hinges
  • Cover or replace tile floor
  • Resurface tub and tiled walls (white)
  • Replace fitures in sink and shower (they are silver w/ gold accents like the rest of the hardware)
  • Replace gold toilet handle
  • Incorporate some sort of additional, minimal storage


bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 5 bedroom 4

  • Remove smelly, badly imprinted carpet
  • New carpet or refinish hardwood floors depending on cost
  • Remove built-in dresser (see 2nd bedroom picture above – dresser under wall-mounted tv was built in – no carpet underneath so if I was removing it, existing carpet would be an issue – thankfully the carpet was gross and had to go!)
  • Remove white shelves on wall above built in dresser (see bedroom picture 1 above)
  • Paint entire room
  • Paint inside of closet & cubby area near window
  • Replace white ceiling fan
  • Replace standard “boob” light (see 2nd bedroom picture above)
  • Switch out outlets & light switches for white
  • Replace pink blinds throughout the room
  • Paint built-in dresser next to closet
  • Build bed frame with headboard for bed
  • Wall art for wall opposite large closet and where old white shelves used to be


spare bed 1

  • Remove ugly, smelly blue carpet
  • Refinish hardwood floors
  • Remove ceiling fan, replace with ceiling light
  • Paint all built-in’s
  • Build some additional storage shelves in closet for linen storage
  • Paint walls & ceiling

I feel like the 2nd floor list is a whole lot longer than the first, HOWEVER, it felt good to almost entirely cross off the Master Bedroom list! And I am definitely making progress in the bathroom. Those projects have been underway over the past few weeks and will continue over the summer. The bathroom was a cheaper option than redoing the kithen at this point so that’s where the $$ is going!  The spare bedroom and that stupid cork wall are my nemesis right now. I am too ashamed to even show you what that room looks like at this point in time. And it will be ages before that cork wall is all clear!

There you go! The full inside house list! Anyone want to volunteer to come over and scrape off cork tiles with me?!?! I’ll provide food and alcohol…..lots of alcohol!


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