High Five for Friday!!!!

Besides blogging, one of the things I love to do most is stalk read other blogs!! You can find some of my favorites over on the right side under my blog roll. There is nothing I love more than stumbling on a new blog and taking a few days to read it start to finish. Its a sickness I have!!!

Anyway!!! One of my most recent blog finds is Lauren Elizabeth. Lauren and her incredibly, amazingly talented sister Kate seem so sweet and I loved finding their blogs! Lauren does a weekly post called High Five for Friday where she highlights 5 of her favorite things from her week and invites other bloggers to do the same and link up over at her page.

In keeping with my new flow of being a lifestyle blogger – not just a “shelter/DIY” blogger, I am going to start linking up with Lauren on Fridays!

So, here is my first High Five for Friday!!!


Note, three weeks before getting back into this blogging adventure, I broke my good Cannon DSLR camera. Well more specifically the lens, so until I bite the bullet to get it fixed, I gotta work with cell phone pics! Total poor quality I know!!!

1. I rounded out last weekend with some shoe shopping. I only went in for one specific pair (brown sandals on the left) and I realized I needed black shoes for an upcoming wedding (and on sale for $20) and then I needed new nude pumps (on sale for $30)! They were all necessities! I swear!!

2. I became a fan of the show Nashville on ABC this year. These two girls are the “daughters” on the show. Their mother on the show plays a famous country singer. One week, the two girls sang a version of “Ho Hey” and I about fell off the couch! Then this week I found this video and I can’t get enough! I have listened to these amazing little singers on repeat all week long!

3. This isn’t really a favorite thing in my week, however…..I have been using a personal trainer for the past year and have been frustrated with a lack of results after all the stinkin’ effort I put in. I HATE the gym and working out is torture and with all he puts me through I was mad it wasn’t working. So it came time to keep a food journal and eat “diet” dinners every night of grilled chicken and veggies. Now, I’m not complaining because I probably would eat this without a diet, but I am totally high-fiving Friday because I let myself “cheat” for one meal over the weekend – so high five it’s the weekend!!!

4. Summer dresses!! It totally hit the 90’s here in PA a week or so ago. I decided this week (while it was in the 70’s and a smidge chilly) that it was time to break out the dresses. This dress from the J-Crew outlet (bought during their Memorial Day half-off sale makes me feel nautical and ready for the beach! Not to mention my new nude pumps! (Side note, those pumps are Fergalicious brand. The first day I wore them I sang “Fergalicious” to myself all day long!)

5. And #5 to round out my week…..and by far the most EXCITING is the launch of The Landing Pad!! I am so excited to be back blogging and can’t wait to build this blog and followers and share house projects, me projects, recipes, clothes, makeup etc!!

Happy Weekend!!

I am linking up over at Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday!

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