Wishin’ & Hopin’ – Part 1

There is nothing more overwhelming exciting than moving into a new home and having a full list of to-do items for each room. Even if some of them are only fantasies/wishes that may only happen wayyyyyyyyyy down the road and if the budget allows.  Now that you have toured the house as it was when I bought it, I’m going to share my plans for the first floor of the house. Some of these things have been done, some are in progress and some may possibly only be fantasies!!



  • Paint walls to give it some color
  • Paint ceiling b/c it has crazy spots all over, including a rogue too-tall Christmas tree mark from many years ago
  • Add window treatments that are more me
  • Paint and hang Pottery Barn inspired shelves above the couch (same place as this couch)
  • Create gallery wall with varity of frames on shelves
  • Hang art on opposite wall
  • Update all of the light switches and outlets to white (they are a nice creamy tan color – this needs to be done throughout the entire house – living room 1/d done!)
  • Remove berber carpet and HOPEFULLY find hardwood floors underneath to refinish or install hardwood (FANTASY)


Dining Room 2

  • Paint wall above wainscoting to give the room some personality
  • Paint the built-in hutch
  • Add some art to wall to the left of the window above
  • Remove cabinets above bar area to open kitchen up into the dining room for more light (FANTASY)


Oy!  Most of this room is fantasy depending on how long I am in this house and how much moolah I can save! kitchen 1 kitchen 2

  •  Paint cabinets white for more open, airy look (room feels dark and cramped now)
  • Remove cabinets above bar area to open kitchen into dining room (this needs some thought b/c valuable storage space would be lost)
  • Replace appliances (dishwasher has already died so I am washing dishes by hand while I decide what route I want to go – fixing or replacing)
  • Build cabinet surrounding new refrigerator for additional storage
  • Replace countertops (so I can be free of the built-in cutting board!)
  • Replace backsplash with more updated tile
  • Replace stained/yellowed ceiling tiles
  • Add window treatments on window above sink and back door
  • Update light switches and outlets to white (1/2 done)

As you can see, a FEW of the items on my list have been crossed off for the first floor. Man….. nothing like a check-up with your to-do list to give you a kick in the butt to get moving already!!!

After that list I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  I’ll give you a to-do list for the 2nd floor in another post!

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!!


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