My Place to Land

Well hello hello! If you came over from the old blog here you will know that I bought my own little humble abode……almost one year ago (I’m a little behind!!)

There’s no better way to kick off my new blogging chapter on The Landing Pad than to give you a tour of the little house (affectionately known as the munchkin house) I bought June 2012. Last year at this time the papers had been signed and I was waiting to for settlement on June 29th.

Below is a peak into what the house looked like before the previous owners moved out (some of the pictures are poor quality so bear with me!!!)  And note, what you see is not my furniture, friends! Long post ahead!

Welcome to my little home…..


I am attached to neighbors (I realize I have spent my entire life attached to another house/door room/apartment).  Anyway, right through the front door is the living room (this picture was from the original sale ad)………..


Straight ahead are the stairs to the 2nd floor, but to the immediate left is the dining room…….(this picture was after settlement without furniture….only picture I had at this angle.)  There is a counter for stools and a built in cabinet area above the counter. The dining room and kitchen have the same oak hardwood floors. Too bad they weren’t in the living room too!

Dining Room 2

Another view of the dining room (old owner’s furniture) looking from the kitchen doorway. In addition to the built in cabinet above the bar area, I also got a built in hutch below…..

dining room_edited-1

Then…..sadly…..there is the tiny kitchen……..these pictures are all pretty much taken from the same spot, just spinning in circles!……

kitchen 1

Some notes about the above…..18 1/2 inch “airplane” dishwasher, sweet 1980’s gold hardware…..and a sweet but totally unsanitary BUILT-IN-TO-THE-COUNTER CUTTING BOARD!! I didn’t realize that tidbit until my final walkthrough!  More kitchen…..

kitchen 2

Bisque colored appliances with matching bisque countertops and backsplash. Drop ceiling with some water stains from the bathroom shower above. Not a regular leak thank goodness!!  The door to the patio is to the right of the refrigerator.

kitchen 3

The kitchen sink looks out into the enclosed patio and backyard (one of my favorite things about the house). The old owners luckily updated the faucet and light fixture fairly recently! Two small things checked off the kitchen reno already!

kitchen 4

The kitchen really is tiny. The old owner was all about building storage into this house wherever possible so I have these cabinets above, along the “path” through the kitchen out the back door, which are only deep enough to hold two boxes of pasta one in front of the other.  You can also catch a glimpse of the sweet wallpaper below the cabinets.  They left me a fire extinguisher. This hasn’t been used yet (thank goodness!), but I have set off the smoke alarm close to 6 times since moving in!!  The doorway to the left goes down into the basement….totally not finished, sorta scary and sometimes a rogue spider or two…..not my favorite!

Okay, now back through the dining room, through the living room and up the steps…..


Technically in this picture we are already at the top. Have you noticed the lack of wall color in this house? These people lived here 38 or so years and only put light color on the bedroom wall and a painted border in the bathroom. Now, I’m not complaining because it made for easier painting, but that’s a lot of years without color!!!

The bathroom is directly at the top of the steps……

bathroom 1

Some things to note above…..there was a nasty indoor/outdoor carpet on the floor when I looked at the house. There is nothing nastier to me than carpet in the bathroom. Luckily it was just laid on top of the tile floor (I made sure of this before buying!).  “Stunning” oak cabinets and gold hardware again! BUT THE BEST…..THE ABSOLUTE BEST part of the bathroom…..take a look at the left mirror……see that white-ish rectangle on the wall???? That was my very own, built-in-like-a-hotel hair dryer!! Woot!! It worked, but only blew cold air. Bummer! Lol!


The bathroom gets even better with the fish and seahorse sliding glass shower doors and the painted shell border.  The teal and black tiles go around the tub, the sink, behind the toilet, and 3/4 of the way up the side wall.  You can see above, under that nasty carpet there is an old hex tile floor. I absolutely would love to keep the vintage tile, but some of the spots are pretty badly stained and cracked, and the blue around the edge of the floor doesn’t match the tiles on the wall…not sure why they don’t match!

Back out in the hall, the master bedroom is on the left……(this picture was taken while standing in the bathroom doorway…..tight quarters!!!)

Bedroom 1

The master bedroom used to be two separate, TEENSY bedrooms, but the old owners tore down the center wall to open it up into one large room. Thus, there are only 2 bedrooms in the house, but that’s just fine for me.

bedroom 2

(sorry, this blurry pic was the only one I had). The room is divided into two areas (see explanation when it used to be 2 rooms above). I bought this joint with pink walls, a painted border, and nasty old carpet that smelled like…..well…..older folks.

bedroom 3

(again, blurry is all I got!) This is standing at the foot of the bed above, looking to the other side of the room. Note the sweet pink vertical blinds in the window! I thought long and hard about keeping those puppies!! Ha!

bedroom 5

This is a storage cubby over by the window….see those beauteous blinds?!?!?!

bedroom 4

And then my closet. There are two sides….the right side only has one bar…hung higher for dresses and such with some shelves above.  The drawers to the right are built in so those stayed. Extra storage for all of my clothes is definitely a plus!

Last but not least……the most ridiculous room in the house……the spare bedroom………

spare bed 1

Honestly, the picture says it all but I will elaborate!!! Let’s start with the good……There is lots of built-in shelving, one little shelf near the right window and then built-ins with drawers and shelves on either side of the front window. Those are awesome……

Then the not-so-awesome…….there’s the super matchy yet hideous blue carpet and blue ceiling fan. And then my favorite part of the whole house….the entire wall covered in cork board tiles….UGH!! Anyone else making a to-do list going through this house?!?!

spare bed 2

See that multi-colored, corky fabulousness?!?! I just wanna tack up some Tean Beat posters from 1997 and listen to some Spice Girls to take me back!!  There is a little closet off to the side for some extra storage.

And to round out the awesome house tour, I will leave you with this gem I found when I unrolled that little roll above the closet……….

spare bed 3

As much as I loved the Snoopy-shade-as-a-closet-door, that had to go!!!

Well, there she is… new little home. It’s been almost a year now and there has definitely been some progress. Painting happened before I moved in and there has been some carpet removal and replacement.  Some other updates are currently underway so there is lots to share! I will end this LOOOOOOONG post here to give you time to absorb all of the outdated awesomeness which I am proud to call mine!!!


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